Oris G. Bowen is Chief Executive Officer of UMatter Transportation, LLC. He shares the operation of the business with his wife, Alice L. Bowen, Co-Chief Executive Officer. The vision for the business began with Mr. Bowen’s mission to return to the workforce while helping others do the same.

Mr. Bowen suffered a tragic accident and lost his sight.  He shares the most devastating aspect of being blind is the initial decrease in independence and overall quality of life. The occurrence gave him an intimate understanding of the obstacles faced by limited affordable and accessible transportation for simple quality of life needs and more importantly economic self-sufficiency.

Mr. Bowen has a wealth of experience in transportation services and with navigating the resources in the disability community.  He formerly owned/ operated a transportation business prior to becoming disabled. He was the first African American transportation business owner in Tennessee receiving a letter of recognition from President George H. W. Bush, Sr.   UMatter is the second transportation business founded and operated by him. It is the finale of his personal success story and an inspiration for others in the disability community.

Mr. Bowen participates in various organizations and committees in the community.  He is a member of the Middle Tennessee Blind Coalition, The Federation for the Blind and other advisory committees.  He has been a social security disability beneficiary and is familiar with the Ticket to Work program, a client of the Department of Human Services – Vocational Rehabilitation and Tennessee Disability Coalition Benefits to Work Program.

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