Portia Streator working at UMatter Transportation, LLC

PWD Serving PWD

We have built a transportation business that employs people with disabilities to serve people with disabilities.  Portia Streator, depicted in the picture at left, began interning for UMatter prior to her graduation from the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) in Smyrna, TN. Portia commented about her experience working at UMatter, “…the best gift you’ve given me is the opportunity to show other people with disabilities that the sky is the limit!  UMT is making history! I’m so proud and honored to be a part of it!

Empowering People with Disabilities

It is well known that people with disabilities (PWD) continue to encounter substantial challenges with securing transportation services which is a vital resource for independence.   It is also known in and outside of the disability community that PWD seek the autonomy to pursue gainful employment as well as other activities reflective of a desired standard of living including self-sufficiency and integrated involvement in their communities. Challenges are even more complex when faced with preparing for or reacting to natural, manmade or technological chaotic events often encountered in everyday real-world situations.

Trained Drivers

We provide trained drivers who collectively have many years of experience in transportation including working with people with disabilities.  Our transporters are courteous and sensitive to the needs of passengers including accommodations such as door to door service. We are a transportation service you can depend on for your daily activities!  We are available during the typically “off hours” and inaccessible periods for other transportation companies. We will work to meet your needs so you can have the standard of life you choose not that is chosen for you.

Rural Communities

Rural communities face great barriers to accessible transportation due to lack of available funding for public transit in general, let alone accessible transportation.  We serve the transportation needs of individuals living in some of the most remote rural areas.

Elder Community

We aim to increase transportation options not only for individuals with disabilities as discussed previously but also older adults to enhance their ability to live more independently within their communities throughout Tennessee.   

Committed to Our Community

There is great focus on employment opportunities for people with disabilities (PWD). However, helping PWDs to maintain jobs quite often is contingent on access to a reliable source of transportation.   We are committed to the mission of providing a reliable source of transportation for PWDs who are entering and re-entering the workforce.

“Mitigating transportation related obstacles for individuals with disabilities would enable new employment opportunities for approximately 2 million individuals with disabilities, and save $19 billion annually in healthcare expenditures from missed medical appointments. “  

The Ruderman White Paper, Self-Driving Cars: “The Impact on People with Disabilities” Henry Claypool, Amitai Bin-Nun,Ph.D and Jeffrey Gerlach, January 2017

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